Saturday, August 12, 2006


These 3 are the best of friends! We all loved having Brandy over for a couple of days while they were here...we will miss her!

This is such deja-vous!!!! All of the cousins, well most of them, sitting on the Leavitt Chapel's stage! I remember having the same picture taken JUST a few years ago!!!
Check out Max in the back left!!! He is such a joke!!!

My friend from high school-Jodi Skinner and I are now severly out numbered by our children!!!!
My little family went down to Leavitt to visit with her little family before they headed back home to Utah!
Good friends are such a blessing!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The girls plus Max all made a hut in one of the rooms and watched a movie!!! Boy, you would think that all they did was watch movies! But really it was the only time that they all stood still and proved to be a good kodak moment!

Norah and Emma relaxing on the beach!!

Check this out! Emma, who is normally so scared to do anything, jumped off the boat roof and we couldn't get her to stop!! Cole and her jumped and jumped and jumped!! She also stood up on the boogie board and loved it! It was fun to watch her jump out of her 'comfort zones!'

We went to the Shuswhaps with the Percifield's and Max had so much fun! (We all did!!) But Max hadn't forgotten Karly at all! He layed down with her and watched a Dinosaur movie! It was great to see him sitting still for longer than 2 seconds!