Saturday, June 24, 2006

I can't believe that these girls kept on going! They refused to be cold and they, Kailey, Courtney and Sarah had a so much fun dancing and splashing in the water until the sun went down...almost!
Kailey and Emma and Hailey K. had a great time splashing in the water at the Tuscany Club at the Ward Get Together!
Emma had a great time eating her strawberries and chillin'!
Not a serious moment with these two!
Driving home from the Sladek's very fun party, Max was in the funniest mood! He was pretending to be "Alex-the Lion" (he has been watching Madagascar waaaayyyyy tooooo much!) and was growling and making us all laugh! He thought that he was pretty funny!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It is only 8:30am and this is Norah's mood! She is such a cry baby!!!!!! She is cutting at least 3 teeth-I think! She won't let me get my finger in there to check! She really doesn't deal with the pain well! It is going to be a long day!

This was my favorite find at the garage sales this past weekend! It is the Fisher Price people that have no arms and no legs...just heads! I used to play with these when I was little and loved them! I thought that Max would play with them most but it actually has been Emma and Norah who play with them the most! Norah thinks that they are so funny!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love You!!!

This is how my kids say I love you! Even Max knows how to do it! When we ask him to tell us that he loves us he just puts up his hand like he is doing!

Norah is such a funny little thing! Her personality is really coming out lately! She is such a tease to her big brother or she holds her own! It is funny to watch!

Max and Norah playing on the new little toy I found for them. It looks like they are playing nice but really Max is shoving Norah out of the way so that he can go down the slide! But at least he was nice about it! He said, "move baby, peese!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My cute little guy playing out in the rain! He has finally telling me that he is wet and has to come in to get hot!!! What a kid!


It is pouring rain right now and I still can not get Max inside! He has to find his boat, which he did, so that he can...I am not sure! I know that he has been watching Madagascar toooooo much these days! He is soaking wet and loving life! He has his boat, dump truck and water...3 of his favorite things! What a kid! My girls were never like this!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Emma celebrated her 8th birthday a little bit early so that her friends could be there! We had a house full of girls for part of the night and then most of Saturday! There was alot of screaming and giggling but that is just fun! Emma loved that she had a house full of friends at her new house!

Eden and Emma had a little picnic on our deck! I am not sure they ate a whole lot of their dinner but they did have fun throwing the ball and kicking it over the fence!

We had the cousins over for dinner-Truman, Brigham and Anna. They played and played! Grandma and Grandpa had a hard time leaving because they were all playing so well. I am so glad that we have a yard now that my kids and their friends and cousins can play inbut mostly it is a place where Max can not escape!! What a blessing!

I love Norah's big brown eyes!!

Norah is smirking at Beeta's attempts to get her to smile for the camera! She sat on Beeta's lap for the whole evening! She is such a baby!!!!

Look at how excited Max is! He is just the funniest kid! He loves to bug and play with Emma!

Max learned about his ears in nursery. He kept it on for most of the day!

We have moved and we are now in our new house! We have been in for almost 3 weeks and are getting settled! This is our first family picture in front of our new home! We had a very hard time getting Max to stay in the picture, he just wanted to chase the bunnies or run down the street or play in the dirt! Anything that would keep him from sitting in one place!

My sweet little girls! This is just before we moved! The girls just happened to all be wearing brown...Norah's eyes stand out the most-big and brown!!

After a fun day at the Atco Picnic, I had 4 exhausted and burnt little kids! They loved having a bath in my new tub! They thought that it was quite fun that they could all fit in there! Max is eating the bubbles!!!

Norah and Lenaia

Sweet Little Brown-eyed cousins! Lenaia is Katrina's little girl.
Just after I took this picture Max dumped the popcorn that was in the bowl and the two of them had a blast playing in the mess!