Saturday, August 18, 2007

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I made this for my friend who was having a bad day! She told me that it made her smile! Mission accomplished!

It was Brandy's birthday! The lettering isn't the greatest because I had to get it done in the 30 seconds it took them to walk from the door to the kitchen!
I have kinda stopped putting my baking pictures on is getting old!

Not the greatest picture of me...but Norah and I have this new routine of me rocking her to sleep! It is such a nice time for her and I!

Such pretty girls...

Beeta did their make-up because they were bored and kept getting into trouble!! It kept them busy for quite some time! it was great!

Neya and Max playing in the pool! Neya was trying so hard to sit on the edge like Max! She kept on loosing her balance and almost falling! But she was trying hard!

My Garden!

Kailey took quite a few pictures of my flowers! I love my flowers! It has been something that I really have enjoyed this summer!
At first glance, this picture isn't the greatest! But it really captured Max! He truly believes that he is Spiderman and shoots webs on anything and everyone! He was shooting a web onto Norah! It really is a huge part of his little life and I am glad that there is a picture so that I can remember this fun time!

Nya DaSilva

My newest little niece came to visit us! She is such a pretty little thing! Her eyes are blue already and she has her mommy's dimples! Lucky girl!

Grandma Leavitt's Raspberries were calling all of us!

Grandma Leavitt was so sad that raspberries were falling to the ground! So she called to see if anyone would come and pick them! We went down the next day and had so much fun picking the raspberries! Kailey was really freaked out with all the spiders, so she went in the house! The rest of us played in the raspberry patch for about 2 1/2 hours! Doesn't seem like long but it was 37 degrees that day! It was really, really, really hot but we had so much fun!