Friday, September 29, 2006

My two little...

Look at these chillies! Norah's room was spotless this morning and now look at it! Max dumped everything from the bins in the closet and then pulled out everything from the two bottom drawers in Norah's dresser-he then sits in the drawer. He then climbs into the crib and is now tormenting Norah!!! It is a wonder that I can even keep my house semi-clean with these two hooligans!!! It is also a good thing that I love them and that they are cute!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am painting my kitchen, nook, living room, laundry room and that is all just in one day!! I was in much need of something other than pukey taupe!! As you can see I chose a green! It makes such a difference! I love it! Yeah...I am a bit excited in this picture! My saying for the day was, "I can not believe what a difference this makes!"

My sweet little guy!

Norah and Max up to nothing good!!! Norah never sits in her seat to eat her dinner and Max follows her! I did put a stop to this...right after I got a few good shots!!! What a pair these two are!!!!!

You would think that it would be Max leading Norah into trouble...but it is sometimes not that way at all! Norah is a climber and has taught Max how to do it! She isn't afraid of anything...except... me leaving the room!!!!