Friday, April 27, 2007

He has the best smile! It is just huge!! He was just so excited to be at KK's school!

'Dig It' KK's Spring Concert

We all went to Kailey's Spring Concert last night! She was a mummy in the play and did so well! Grandma Dani came up for it and Max wanted to watch it all over again! He really enjoyed it! He clapped louder than anyone there!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pucker Up Baby!

Norah for some reason needed an emergency bath and the sink was the closes thing...she had a bath while we all had dinner! I must say that it was a very quiet dinner and she loved it!

These two... Max is such a boy! Right now Max is really into 'boogers' He is checking out his latest find on his little finger! After he gets his little treasure he yells for me because he is about to puke because he can't stand the sight of it!

Norah makes me laugh! She just isn't serious a lot of the time! Her and Max were looking at pictures of different cakes and Norah came across one that she loved and she was telling me how much she loved it with this cheesey smile!!!

Norah's 2nd Birthday...

Happy Birthday Norah!!!! My baby turned 2 this past week and I made her this cake! She thought that it was so neat except that she wanted to play with it because it really doesn't look too much like a cake! It took a long time to get the cake looking like this and I don't know if it will ever be repeated but...I didn't make her a cake for her first birthday so I made up for it on her second one!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kailey is just so beautiful!

How cute are these two!!! They are on Nathan's bike (Beeta's friend) and Max thinks that it is so cool! Nathan will start the bike and Max's eyes widen and he squeels in delight! My little babies are growing up so fast!!! They are just so cute!

I also made a cake for my niece, Mikayla. I quite enjoy making cakes! It is really fun!

For my nephew's baptism, I made him a CTR cake!