Thursday, March 15, 2007

My handsome husband with his little girl who has him so wrapped around her little finger!!!! He was late for work because he couldn't get her to let go of him without her screaming like she was dying!!!!!

Norah and her Daddy

Norah didn't want her daddy to leave for work! She refused to let him go and would just bury her head deeper into his shoulder!

This is Tanya and Jake. We had our babies 2 days apart! Now, they are turning 2 next month! Hard to believe that time has passed that quickly! He looks real happy about sitting next to his future wife!!!! Just kidding!

Potty Training....

This is what I have been up for the last 3 weeks!! Norah is now thinking that she needs to go on the potty whenever Max does. I got a little seat to fit on top of the normal potty seat and she loves it! Infact, she doesn't like anyone else to use this bathroom because it is "miiiiiine" just like everything else is hers!!!!
Max has been 'training' for almost 3 weeks now and I am so happy to say that he has had only 3 accidents at night and hasn't had a pee accident yet!!! (cross my fingers that it stays that way!)
His new thing is when he is done he starts singing, "shake it, shake it, shake it!!!"
Now that he is done we will start with Norah! I could be out of diapers by summer time! Wouldn't that be just dreamy!!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here is another cake that I made this weekend, for another neighbor! I have made this one so many times, for so many little girls!!! It was rather easy to do! Thank goodness!!

Here is another picture of it!

This is a cake I made for my next door neighbor's little guy-Gord! He loved it! It only took me about 8 hours to make it!