Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our Trip to San Fransisco...

We have now been married for 15! We went to San Fransisco and saw Wicked and Alcatraz and Golden Gate lovved it!
really cool building!

Steve loved this water was the story of San Fransisco

Me in Williams Sonanoma...I will take the whole kitchen...please...

Norah's first day of school! She was so excited to go with her daddy!

Norah and Grace...they loooovvvveee each other!!!

Max's first day of school at Tuscany School!

These 2 girls make me laugh! I love how you can see the excitement in both of their faces! I think it is for 2 reasons: 1)They got both sides of the popsicle and 2) They really do love each other that much!

We enjoyed summer weather at the end of September! It was so hot and Max took full advantage of it! He loved playing in the water!