Monday, April 13, 2009

Norah's Birthday Party...was a bit last mintue but was perfect! We had Grace and Cooper over for cupcakes and icecream! We sang and opened presents and then they played...perfect birthday party....that wasn't planned!
Norah loved the birthday cake...I hadn't made one and she asked her daddy, "is mommy going to make me a cake? and so I quickly ran home from church and made this during the last hour of church and it was ready for her when she got home....

Me and my sweeeeeet Norah.....

She loved it and that is all that mattered!

Not bad for and hours notice....

Kailey wouldn't let Steve take her picture...
Emma showing her gifts from the Easter Bunny.

Norah is all about Dora!!!

Max was so excited that he got a baseball mitt and some balls!

Funny thing...Uncle Bart and I were playing with our BB...and figuring out how they was alot of fun! I had a ton of finger prints on mine and I was cleaning it off! Not the greatest picture but we had so much fun playing with our blackberries that I had to put it on here!

Me and my Grandparents at the Leavitt chapel. It was my Grandma's birthday and we all gathered together for a temple session and lunch at the Leavitt Chapel. Grandma had a hard time not crying throughout the entire day.
I am so glad that I got a family picture with my dear grandparents. I have been meaning to do this every time we met...and I kept forgetting! These two are among my FAVORITE people in the entire world. They have been such great examples to me throughout my entire life....

My grandma is one of my hero's. She is so much of the reason that I am what I am...I loves her!

She was crying....cuz she had so many family members at her party.

My sweet Norah wasn't feeling well and I found her fast asleep on the couch. She is so precious...

Kailey and cute! I found these pictures on KK's camera! I love that these two play together! It was so sweet!

For Norah's class...I made St. Patrick's day cookies! They loved them!

Me and Steve at my birthday dinner at Cheesecake Cafe! We met up with Katrina, Jenny, Tausha, Clarissa and Sam.

I made some fun cupcakes...they turned out pretty cute! (If I do say so myself!)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

This is a picture that says a million things...yet to be determined! One thing for sure...she is special and this will be at blown up to a 16x20 for her 16th birthday party!!!!

Max and his buddy Cooper! Max lost his first tooth and was so proud of himself...I think that he is too young...but he was so proud of himself! He lost a second one a couple of weeks later and I put it on the desk in the bonus room. Later on that day I was vacuuming and frustrated that there were crumbs everywhere on the I went a vacuuming frenzy and looked at my desktop and saw a huge crumb...vacuumed it up and then felt was Max's tooth! Aghhhh! Luckily I had kept his first tooth and decided I will confess this when he is MUCH older!

Getting ready to go out to a Valentine's Day Gala...I had so much fun trying to figure out what jewels to wear!
Max got a big batman pillow and you can tell that he loved it!
Max turned 5 on February 7....holy smokes....where has the time gone!?

Max did a magic trick at school and got really in to it! He made money disappear...Steve says he learned it from me....hahaha...not!

The flower cake was for my cousin's little girl! She just turned 2 and Kelsey was very was the least that I could do for her! The cake below was for Richard Brandley...he turned 50 and that was definately worth a cake!

Christmas morning and Norah cuddling with me....Norah cuddling with me...rare! She loves her dad wayyy to much!

another rare thing...a picture of me and steve...

My sweet Norah...wrote on the Christmas tag herself...priceless!

My sweet sisters...Collette surprised me at Christmas and it was the best surprise EVER!!! I cried and reaction was exactly what she wanted...I screamed and cried and cried some more! It really was so much fun to have her and Alexa and Kevin come and stay with us!
I love that I am like front and center in this picture...not that i like being front and center...someone had to sit on the first step!

Alexa was freaked out by the flash! She LOVED Max! They both had their crackers and were ready for bed! Alexa wanted to sleep with Max soooooooooo bad!!!

Max really took to his Uncle Kevin...and same with Alexa! I think that Uncle Kevin was exhausted by the end of each day....

Eden Lang took our family pictures...she did an amazing job...

I love how Max is looking up into Steve's eyes...and the crinkle on Steve's nose...:)

Um....this picture of Kailey is beautiful...actually every picture that is taken of her is beautiful!

We love going to Drumhellar...we go each year with Atco for their Family Day. The kids love it! Max and Norah really enjoyed it this year! I am going to take the picture of us infront of the water wall each year! It will be fun to look at it in the years to come and see how much the kids have grown!