Saturday, April 04, 2009

This is a picture that says a million things...yet to be determined! One thing for sure...she is special and this will be at blown up to a 16x20 for her 16th birthday party!!!!

Max and his buddy Cooper! Max lost his first tooth and was so proud of himself...I think that he is too young...but he was so proud of himself! He lost a second one a couple of weeks later and I put it on the desk in the bonus room. Later on that day I was vacuuming and frustrated that there were crumbs everywhere on the I went a vacuuming frenzy and looked at my desktop and saw a huge crumb...vacuumed it up and then felt was Max's tooth! Aghhhh! Luckily I had kept his first tooth and decided I will confess this when he is MUCH older!

Getting ready to go out to a Valentine's Day Gala...I had so much fun trying to figure out what jewels to wear!


Alysha said...

i'm so happy to see an update!! i can't believe max is FIVE!!!! what??? that means ella will be 5 soon! YIKES! you look hot!

jenny said...

great update darlin - you are hot -- and then there is Norah - that picture will be priceless at a wedding or when she is 16!!!!