Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Max, Norah and Lenaia meeting Santa...

Norah got in trouble because she drew all over the TV! I made her go to her room and the screaming stopped because she was asleep on the floor!

How cute is he???

Norah and her Daddy...

Kailey holding Max because he was afraid of the animals!

This is Norah's favorite place to be! From the time Steve gets home she is on his back! She will tuck her little toes into his belt and stand there for as long as her Daddy will let her!

Norah kinda liked the animals!

Cute little kitty!

Of course Max wanted his face painted as Batman! What else, right?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Truman! Truman loves my cakes and so when he hinted that he wanted a cake for his birthday I was quick to say yes! He was going golfing and so I thought that these would be best for him! I love to cook for people who REALLY love it! So anytime Truman!!!

Myriam was the beautiful lady in red!

I love these two girls!

I love my little girl!

This is a funny picture because it looks like Brad and Steve are a couple and then Mom and Dad are the other couple...which they are...but still I laughed good and hard at this picture!

Kailey said that she didn't want a cake so I made her cupcakes!

Everybody seems to love Webkinz...

My wedding gift to Dan & Myriam

Sweet Anna...she is just so darn beautiful!

Moose and me are the March Babies...a strong bond!!

Nadia and Josie...

I love it when these girls get together...notice the 2 clowns in the background!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My girls with their daddy!

I love Norah's big brown eyes!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

All over the world!

I loved this cake that I made!! It took me so long but it turned out the way that I wanted! Priceless!

At the Church History Museum, there was a kids section! Steve and Max had so much fun building temples with the cool blocks!!! Steve wanted to find out where he could buy them because he had so much fun with them!!!

My girls love their dad! Priceless!

I love this picture because of the way Max is looking at KK. He absolutely LOVES her and you can see it!

Our little Family!

There was a photographer at Temple Square taking pictures of the bride behind us (that is a shocker that there was a wedding that day!!!!!) But the photographer offered to take our picture! It is always great to have everyone in the picture!!!

After an all night trip (we thought that the kids would sleep...not so much) we went to the Joseph Smith Building. It is so beautiful in this building and we had so much fun walking around and seeing the different statues! We even ran into President Monson! Who knew that he is THAT tall!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me with my Uncles Bart & Royce, Norah and Alexa.

I made a cake for my Grandpa & Grandma. It was the Leavitt Family Tree. They both really liked it and I was really touched at how Grandpa went on and on about it!

Me and my sista's and brother! Glad that he is home from his mission!

Friday, September 07, 2007

For fun sometimes, the girls will put make up on Norah! Well this time she put the makeup on herself and all over the wall! She was pretty proud of herself! "look at me, i'm preeeeetttyyyy!"

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

I made this for my friend who was having a bad day! She told me that it made her smile! Mission accomplished!

It was Brandy's birthday! The lettering isn't the greatest because I had to get it done in the 30 seconds it took them to walk from the door to the kitchen!
I have kinda stopped putting my baking pictures on is getting old!

Not the greatest picture of me...but Norah and I have this new routine of me rocking her to sleep! It is such a nice time for her and I!

Such pretty girls...

Beeta did their make-up because they were bored and kept getting into trouble!! It kept them busy for quite some time! it was great!

Neya and Max playing in the pool! Neya was trying so hard to sit on the edge like Max! She kept on loosing her balance and almost falling! But she was trying hard!

My Garden!

Kailey took quite a few pictures of my flowers! I love my flowers! It has been something that I really have enjoyed this summer!