Friday, July 14, 2006

I had made Max a lion mask at one of the kids tents and at first he didn't like it but then when he realized it was a lion...well everything changed! He was roaring like a lion to everyone! Then Eden saw how fun it was and the two of them were trying to scare everyone! They had a ton of fun! Max would roar and then ask, "scared you?"

There was a mini horse track for the little kids and Max loved it! Funny thing is that he has a horse just like this at home and he doesn't give it the slightest bit of attention! But here on the little track he wouldn't let it go! He went around 2 or 3 times and then I had to pull him out of there!

Emma, Kailey and Anna watching the marching band.

Norah and her Daddy

The Safety Bear was Anna's and KK's favorite site!!!!! At least they weren't afraid of they are with clowns!!!!
Grandma, Tania, Anna, Eden and all of our family went to Spruce Meadows for the day! Max thoroughly enjoyed the bus ride that we could have done just that and come home! He thought that it was just dreamy!

Spruce Meadows

We are all on the bus to go into Spruce Meadows! Max is in heaven because he is on a bus! He was so excited, he kept screaming "bus, bus, bus!!!" We could have just stayed on the bus and he would have had a great day!