Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 3 of Potty Training went well. Max was even able to wear underwear today! That pleased everyone else here! The girls giggled every time that he came near them!!! My favorite moment today was when he poohed this morning and took one look at it and started dry heaving and kept saying, "that's gross, mommy!" He heaved 3 or 4 times and then puked everywhere! It was very traumatic for him but I had a hard time trying not to laugh!!! (of course this was after I cleaned up the puke)
Tonight he poohed answer to my prayers...because hopefully he will sleep all night long!!!! He went to bed so well, again! He loves having a 'big boy bed' I am shocked that he doesn't get out! Yeah, this day is over!!!!!!!! I am so proud of him for picking this up so quickly!!!

Norah's silly faces

This is my favorite of Norah's cheesy grins! She loves to make silly faces and poses for the camera! Kailey is normally the one who gets her to make the faces and is always the one to snap the picture and I am so glad that she has captured this funny stage that Norah is going through! We all have so much fun watching Norah, she makes us laugh!!

Potty Training

Today is Day 3 of potty training and Max is doing GREAT. He hasn't had an accident since Day 1 during the night!
Last night he didn't wet the bed!!!!! This is just huge! There have been some tears...okay alot of tears! He is afraid to let the pee out! He has the cutest little pee dance and my favorite potty training moment has to be on day 2, so yesterday, when he had been holding it and holding it and he was getting a stomach ache and, and, and...when he finally went he sighed and said "that's amazin'!!!!" He also graduated to a big bed (he didn't get out last night!) and doesn't have a bottle at night anymore! Go big or go home! He really hasn't minded, so I guess that he was ready!
Max is holding his clock that tells him that he has to pee in 5 minutes!!!! Whatever works for him! I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Any ideas on how to get Norah to STOP using her body as a canvas?

Me & My Girls!

Today for Family Day we kinda all did our 'own' thing! Steve stayed home with the babies (who really aren't babies anymore!) and Kailey and I went to a movie and shopping! She is wearing her new outfit! Emma went with her friends to a movie which she cried in! Bridge to Tarabithia...Kailey and I went to see Music and Lyrics...which to anyone who grew up in the 80's, would find it very funny! I remember watching the very show that they were making light of! It was a lot of fun!
My girls are getting so big! Kailey is going to out grow me here any day and Emma isn't that far behind her! Norah was so funny when Steve was taking the picture...she backed her butt into the picture! She had to be a part of it! I love it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 this picture is kinda blurry...but this is so typical of Norah!!! She is so dang funny and this is just her...she was obsessed with Kailey's lulu head band and wouldn't let her have it back! She wore it all evening long and would growl when we would ask for it back!!

my sweet little niece...'naia' as Max and Norah call her!

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day I surprised the girls with a pink breakfast! They had pink pancakes with pink whipping cream and red sprinkles on top. They had pink juice and valentines candy...then for their lunches they had all pink yogurt, pink applesauce, pink juice, valentines candy....they had alot of fun or so I hope!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Max's Birthday Cake

I am not sure how to flip this pictures...but it was Steve's birthday as well! I have both of my boys birthdays in one the same week!

Happy Birthday Max!

Max turned 3 this past week! He was so excited for his birthday and his presents!

After the taste of icing...

I was making cupcakes for my nieces birthday and Norah was loving the icing...a bit too much!