Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anthony's CTR Cake

It was Anthony's baptism on July 13. I have made a CTR Shield for the other nieces and nephews and so I got to do another one! It is always fun to see their faces when I bring in the cake! That is priceless!

I let my little sister, Beeta, cut Max's hair! She thought that this would be cute! Which I have to admit-it kinda is! Maybe not when he is older! But for right now...until I have time-it will do! I love the looks that I get from is black or white! My favorite looks have to be the ones that say..."what kind of a kid are you raising!?? and what kind of a parent are you???" Thank goodness it is only hair and that it will grow back or I can shave his whole head! Also, it is Max and he is cute enough to pull it off!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The DaSilva Family just grew by 2 feet...

She was born July 16, 2007. She weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 20.5 inches long!
This is my little sister Katrina along with her husband-Lucas and their daughters Lenaia (18 months old) and Nya-1 day old!! Nya already has great eyebrows and eyes that are looking like they will be blue!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Kailey got Norah dressed for church and Norah saw this dress in her closet and wanted to be "same! same!" with Tay Tay! She was so excited and came running into my room saying just that! They both looked so pretty! Norah is reaching up for her daddy...of course he picked her up!

Norah loves her daddy and daddy loves his Norah! The 2 of them are so cute! She has him wrapped around her little finger and he doesn't mind!


I made this Shrek head for my friends little guy! It was a bit of fun to do! I love working with fondant, it is so fun to work with! I was relieved that it turned out!

yeah!!!!!!!!!! Brandy is here!!!

We are all so excited because Brandy is here! Kailey and Emma are so excited to see their favorite, besssstest and funnnnessst friend! (that is a quote from them)

Happy 9th Birthday Emma!

My baby girl is 9!! Where has time gone? All that she really wanted was to go to Olive Garden! For some reason she has great memories of going there! She was so excited when we pulled up there! She remembered me going there for my 30th birthday! She even remembered what she gave me! (a pink flower apron!) That was 4 years ago and she would have been 4 at that time!! Wow, she has a great memory!

We went down to visit the Byam's and headed to MacKenzie Lake...the day before had been soooo hot and today we were huddled in towels!! We had a gret time though! Max didn't like getting his feet dirty so every time he got sand on his feet, he would quickly run and wash them off! Finally he just sat on Steve's knee! Norah of course never left her daddy's knee!

This is my mermaid cake and pictures do not really do it justice! It was actually really quite big and the mermaid looked like she was on water! But in the picture it just looks like a big blob of cake! The little girl that I made it for had blonde curly hair which turned out great because that is how I made the mermaid!